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This web page is no longer updated since it is related to an old version of the program.
Click here to get to the homepage of the new one.

Basic info

World of Warcraft Realmlist Modifier is program for everyone, who plays the World of Warcraft game on more than one servers (ie. official and free). Thanks to this program, you never have to overwrite the file, if you want to play somewhere else. The program does it for you. You just select the server you want to play on.

And it has much more abilities. Whenever you select a server, it shows its online status. There's no problem if you connect to each server with another game version - when adding a server you can also directly select, which version of game should the program use for this server. Thereto it can clear WDB (game cache), WTF (game and addon settings) and Screenshots folders by one click.

In the future, I plan to add some options about changing game settings right from the program. You will be able to disable all game sounds with one click, so you can listen music from another sources (Winamp etc...).

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Installation and first run

Nothing has to be installed - the program is immediately ready for use. Unpack it to any folder you want.

First run
After the first program execution you'll see something like this:

firstrun.png, 11 kB

So for the first you have to tell the program, where can it found the game. Click change and search for the wow.exe file, whis normally executes the game. Then confirm. Path of the selected file appears in the program window instantly.

pathset.png, 10 kB

Now is the time to add at least on game server. Click Add server. A window appears.
For the first fill in the Server name cell. This name will be showing in the list of servers. Next fill in the Server adress cell, which is the most important. Type the exact server adress there - it is the same, which you write right into the file, just without "set realmlist".

servadd.png, 7 kB

Now click on Add. The newly added server appeared in the list. Since now, if you click the Play button, the file will be automatically overwrited and the game will run. You can of course add more servers the same way we added this one.

servlist.png, 11 kB

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I successlufy added a server, program says it's online, but the Play button is still grayed. What shoud I do?
You forgot to tell the program, where to find the game execute file. Search for it using the Change button in the main program window. Then you should be able to run the game without any problem.

I play on two servers, but each one uses another game version. I did read it is no problem for this program. So how?
Simply select one of servers in the list and click Edit. In the newly appeared window select Alternative WoW location and then click Search. Find the game version you connect to this server with on you disk and select its executive file (wow.exe). Confirm and click Save. Since then whenever you select this server, the program executes the game from the location you selected.

I filled in some additional info about the server, when I was adding it, but I wasn't able to find it in the main window after confirming. It seems the Server comments cell is useless, isn't it?
No, it isn't. :) Informations about the selected server are hidden since version 1.03, because I think it breaks the application design and normal user doesn't need to have it there. However if you do, click the button with an arrow pointing down in the main program window. The window resizes a little and the server info appears.

I'd like to clear the game cache (WDB), but I don't know how...
Try to click the plus button in the main program window. A menu with additional program functions appears. In the future it will also contain the game settings.

The server I play on uses an anti-cheating protection and I have to run the game with another file (not wow.exe). Is it possible to set this in the program?
Yes, it is. Check Uses preloader/C-D in the server options window, then click Search and find the file you were using to execute the game. Confirm and save.

Can the program say the server is offline even if it isn't?
Yes, unfortunately I wasn't able to solve this problem yet. However, in most cases the status works well. Whether the program says the server is offline and you don't think so, you can insure by clicking it in the list again. The status refreshes and if it still says the same thing, you can be sure you won't connect.

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   World of Warcraft Realmlist Modifier 1.04 EN (292kB, ZIP)

   World of Warcraft Realmlist Modifier 1.04 CZ (292kB, ZIP)

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If you have anything to tell me, feel free to use any of these contacts:

ICQ: 291517049
E-mail: jena [dot] s [at] centrum [dot] cz

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