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A French translation

Yesterday I was contacted by one wowrm user, who wants to translate the whole site and also the program to french. I agreed. So in the next days I am going to modify the site a little and there'll be a new program version released (2.01). This one will also be availible in french. Program settings will now contain an option to select the connection timeout (mainly for users, who experienced problems with the server status checking).

Added 05.01.2008 14:10:22

New WoWRM released

World of Warcraft Realmlist Modifier 2.00 is now availible in the Download section! Enjoy new look, one-click checking of all listed servers, server status change notification and more...

Added 26.11.2007 16:59:49

Manual for the older program version

Ok, I've modified the old version of these pages so it can work well simultaneously with new version. I did so because of the guide for the older program versions. English version of the pages is availible here.

Added 24.11.2007 17:26:41

New website

Welcome to the new World of Wacraft Realmlist Modifier website. As you can see, the website look was slightly changed, what also means, that the new program version release is very near. You'll find many screenshots of the new version over the whole web - mostly in the manual, which now refers to the new program version. Unfortunately, this means you'll no longer find any guide for the older program users here.
World of Warcraft Realmlist Modifier version 2 will be released in about a week. I'm still debugging it a little, but it already looks very good.

Added 24.11.2007 15:56:27

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