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Help me :)

Hello users. I am sorry, that I haven't updated the program for quite long time. Simply, my "idea buffer" seems to be empty. Pity, that this happened right after I've implemented the automatic update into the program. :)

I know I say this all along, but I'm sure many of you, users, still have some tips, how can be WoWRM improved. Even though it's just a little improvement. Just anything. If you find out something like that, just let me know (contact). I hope the autoupdate feature would then take some advantage. :)

Added 14.03.2008 16:36:52

New WoWRM released

Today has been released a new World of Warcraft Realmlist Modifier version, 2.02! It contains two new functions. The first one allows you to obtain a version number of a WoW installation you selected (You'll find it in the Add/Edit server dialog and also in Settings). The second one is a new menu item allowing you to update your WoWRM only by two mouse clicks. It may be a little buggy, so if you experience any errors, please let me know.

Download the new version here.

Added 06.02.2008 21:44:28

A few ideas

Hi there again. I've signed a deal with my programmer's Muse :), so there are some (two) new ideas I am now going to implement in the next days.

Idea 1: It can be useful to be sure, which WoW version do we use, couldn't it? So the next wowrm version will contain a new, magic button, which will have the ability to tell you version of the selected WoW installation.
Idea 2: I'll add the autoupdate function to make program updating much easier and fully automated.

Okay, that's it. Stay tuned.

Added 01.02.2008 19:12:14

New WoWRM released

Hi users! I know it's a long time ago since I announced the new program version, including the french one. Unfortunately it seems the translator has changed its mind and does not reply on my e-mails. And I don't want to wait any more, so...

A new version of the World of Warcraft Realmlist Modifier was released! Signed 2.01, this version comes only with little improvements and fixes:
  • A new option has been added to Settings. User can now set the time the program waits for a connection before it says the server is offline. This can solve the problem with bad server status checking on some lower quality internet connections.
  • I tried to fix the problem with wrong program closing. Sometimes happened the program didn't close itself properly and it continued running as a process. I hope I was successful. :)
  • I fixed the server list drawing. In case the server name was too long, its name in the list looked a bit weird.
You can download the new version here.

Added 29.01.2008 16:20:31

A French translation

Yesterday I was contacted by one wowrm user, who wants to translate the whole site and also the program to french. I agreed. So in the next days I am going to modify the site a little and there'll be a new program version released (2.01). This one will also be availible in french. Program settings will now contain an option to select the connection timeout (mainly for users, who experienced problems with the server status checking).

Added 05.01.2008 14:10:22

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