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Hello all.
Today I was cotacted by an user with nick Mr.Guild (I'd like to thank him this way), who made up really big pack of program improvements, which simply means there's a new version comming. It may appear here in about 14 days or later, because as I said above - there are a lot of improvements and it'd take some time to implement it.
I am not going to list them here now, but you really should look forward to it. ;)

Added 21.03.2008 06:31:58

Help me :)

Hello users. I am sorry, that I haven't updated the program for quite long time. Simply, my "idea buffer" seems to be empty. Pity, that this happened right after I've implemented the automatic update into the program. :)

I know I say this all along, but I'm sure many of you, users, still have some tips, how can be WoWRM improved. Even though it's just a little improvement. Just anything. If you find out something like that, just let me know (contact). I hope the autoupdate feature would then take some advantage. :)

Added 14.03.2008 16:36:52

New WoWRM released

Today has been released a new World of Warcraft Realmlist Modifier version, 2.02! It contains two new functions. The first one allows you to obtain a version number of a WoW installation you selected (You'll find it in the Add/Edit server dialog and also in Settings). The second one is a new menu item allowing you to update your WoWRM only by two mouse clicks. It may be a little buggy, so if you experience any errors, please let me know.

Download the new version here.

Added 06.02.2008 21:44:28

A few ideas

Hi there again. I've signed a deal with my programmer's Muse :), so there are some (two) new ideas I am now going to implement in the next days.

Idea 1: It can be useful to be sure, which WoW version do we use, couldn't it? So the next wowrm version will contain a new, magic button, which will have the ability to tell you version of the selected WoW installation.
Idea 2: I'll add the autoupdate function to make program updating much easier and fully automated.

Okay, that's it. Stay tuned.

Added 01.02.2008 19:12:14

New WoWRM released

Hi users! I know it's a long time ago since I announced the new program version, including the french one. Unfortunately it seems the translator has changed its mind and does not reply on my e-mails. And I don't want to wait any more, so...

A new version of the World of Warcraft Realmlist Modifier was released! Signed 2.01, this version comes only with little improvements and fixes:
  • A new option has been added to Settings. User can now set the time the program waits for a connection before it says the server is offline. This can solve the problem with bad server status checking on some lower quality internet connections.
  • I tried to fix the problem with wrong program closing. Sometimes happened the program didn't close itself properly and it continued running as a process. I hope I was successful. :)
  • I fixed the server list drawing. In case the server name was too long, its name in the list looked a bit weird.
You can download the new version here.

Added 29.01.2008 16:20:31

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