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Version 2.04.1 released

I've released a new program version, which contains fixed patchlists support. You can download it the same way as usual, or using the function in the program Menu.
This bug was present since 2.03, but unfortunatelly nobody noticed me about it.

Added 12.05.2008 20:11:43

Version 2.04 just released!

What's new?
  • First off the server list scrollbar has been finally finished. It looks very much better now.
  • An option to clear the game cache (WDB) on each game launch is now availible - it can be set to each server separately.
  • A new option refering to launching another program together with WoW has been added to Settings. You can now set the application not to run that program if it's already running.
  • If there's any server, whose name doesn't fit in the list, the whole name now appears in a floating window on mouse over.
  • The design of the form of additional server settings has been slightly improved.
  • A few bugs has been fixed.
As usual, the new version is avalible in the Download section. Users, who own one of the previous two program versions can update their application from the Menu.

For the future, I plan to add a RSS reader module, which can be very useful for reading the server's news, so stay tuned. :)

Added 12.05.2008 10:30:39

A few bugs and the next program version info

I've discovered two bugs in the newly released program version. The first one appears, if there's only one server in the list and the user deletes it and adds another one right after that.
The second one is concerned with the info panel - if the user switches off the enhanced Windows XP's (and maybe Vista's as well) graphical themes, the number of the active info panel tab disappears.
These two bugs will be fixed in the next release, which I am working now on. This will also contain a new server list scrollbar with much nicer skin. The present scrollbar skin does not look good together with the main window's skin, since it is defined by the Windows' graphical theme.

Added 18.04.2008 16:01:27

New WoWRM released

A new WoWRM version was released today (2.03)! As usual, it contains many new features:
  • Patchlist address support
  • Enhanced server info
  • An option to run another program together with WoW
  • Slightly improved interface (including tabbed info panel)
  • ...
However... try it yourself. I hope you'll like it. :)
The new version is availible here (again :)), but if you own the previous (2.02) program version, you can also update directly from it (look into the menu)!

Btw... Great thanks to uNiQuE-_-SK, who helped me with debugging.

Added 12.04.2008 19:47:14

Good news

Hello all.
Today I was cotacted by an user with nick Mr.Guild (I'd like to thank him this way), who made up really big pack of program improvements, which simply means there's a new version comming. It may appear here in about 14 days or later, because as I said above - there are a lot of improvements and it'd take some time to implement it.
I am not going to list them here now, but you really should look forward to it. ;)

Added 21.03.2008 06:31:58

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