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Support for WotLK

One of the WoWRM users called Ary notified me about one little bug regarding to the new patch 3.0.*. Blizzard changed the location of the file and WoWRM can no longer find it and rewrite it. This is going to be fixed in the next release.
The temporary solution I published there two days ago unfortunately doesn't work because of a program bug.
I'll try to release the new version as soon as possible.

Added 19.10.2008 12:13:23

An idea

When I was thinking about what to add to the next WoWRM version, I remembered many people asking me, if I could implement a simple function checking how many players are now online. Unfortunately, I had to refuse all of them, because it is not possible to get this number (the server does not reply you until you log-in).
However today, I've been inspired with a private WoW server, which is made to save this info to a file. This file is periodically updated. A launcher can download the file and show the info to the player.
It would be definitely very useful, if every server had a file like this. The program would gather all the info the player would need (online players, uptime, WoW server version...) right from the file as simply as it now works with RSS. The file would be in the XML format as well.
If you own a private server, I'd like to know your opinion. Post it here on the forum, please.

Added 23.06.2008 17:48:44

New forum

A new forum related to anything about the program has been launched. There you can ask for help or report bugs. Registration is not required.

Added 30.05.2008 09:33:57

WoWRM 2.05 availible for download

A new program version has been released today. It does not contain anything new except two bug fixes and also the promised RSS reader. It can read all RSS versions, however there's no support for the ATOM format yet. Maybe later...

What the hell is RSS?
RSS channels are actually just a simple text files in the XML format published as an add-on to some web sites. Most of these files contain summary of the website or server news. RSS reader can download them, parse them and show them to the user, so it can keep you informed about what happened on the server without any need of visiting its website.

How to use the integrated RSS reader
All you need to know is the RSS channel address. For example the official servers use this one:
Now if you have the address, run WoWRM and put it into the Server RSS channel column in the Edit server window, on the Additional settings tab. Confirm.
Now show the info panel and switch to the RSS tab.

Added 28.05.2008 12:06:46

Keyboard shortcuts + info

The Manual has been slightly updated. Now it contains a list of keyboard sortcuts used in the program. These can be very useful, so check it out.

Release day of the next version is comming. I'm almost complete. I've added a simple RSS feed reader, which you can use for watching the news of the server you play on. I've replaced the third info panel with it, so the info is now a little compressed. :)

Added 23.05.2008 17:18:09

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