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WoWRM development suspended

If you happen to be one of the WoWRM users, you've probably noticed there's been a while since the last application version came out. Unluckily, I'm still unsure when I get enough time to continue with the development as I find it necessary to almost completely rewrite the application to keep up with today's standards.

I however hope it's not the end yet as there's still plenty of you, users, who have stayed loyal to WoWRM and I suppose it to be the reason to continue.
I'd also like to reminder you, my trusty users, the application support still works and if there's a problem, please let me know.

Added 11.10.2013 11:47:07

WoWRM being incorrectly reported as a virus by AVG

One of the WoWRM users just reported that his copy of the app is being detected as a virus by the AVG antivirus program.
I'd like ensure all of you, users, that WoWRM is truly not a virus. It has been tested on many independent download servers (i.e. and it's being used by thousands of users all over the world. Thus there's no reason to worry.
However if you're still unsure, I recommend you to visit some of the safe download servers and get your copy of WoWRM there.

Added 22.10.2009 15:53:10

WoWRM 2.06.4 availible for download

This version has fixed compatibility with some game language versions (another than enGB and enUS). This bug has been reported by two users and I'd like to thank them this way.

And now another thing... I've collected some improvements, which could be implemented. Most of them would surely appear in the program, but I don't know when. I just want to let the authors of these ideas know, that I didn't forget. I just don't have much time (mostly because of school).

Added 09.02.2009 09:34:59

WoWRM 2.06.2 availible for download

This version does not bring anything new, but contains following fixes:
  • Automatic updating should finally work properly
  • Fixed realmlist overwriting problem appearing with clients ver. 3+, which might have been appearing together with preloader or alternative path set up
  • One annoying error message removed
  • A little server list bug fixed
Download here.

Added 18.12.2008 19:53:26

WoWRM 2.06.1 released

This release fixes a bug hidden in the automatic updates feature, which sometimes caused the program to get stuck while starting, so it had to be terminated using the Process manager.

Added 27.10.2008 17:55:44

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