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Version 2.07.1 released

  • Automatic update fixed.
  • Availible → available.

Added 18.09.2015 20:31:47

Automatic updates failing

Just found out the application doesn't properly read its own version and tries to update even if there's no newer version available. So... I disabled 2.07 downloads for now and will enable them after the issue is fixed in 2.07.1. The users who didn't update their installation yet won't notice anything. The other ones should stop getting the update notifications.

Added 18.09.2015 10:57:09

WoWRM 2.07 available for download

Yep, that's right. A new update is out after years of silence and emptiness. Here's what's new:
  • Works with all patches! One of the users, Marco Gómez, reported that the application didn't work with MoP which does not use the file any more. I fixed it by making the application overwrite the realmlist and patchlist addresses right within the file while keeping the other file deleted so that it does not interfere with the's contents. Thank you, Marco!
  • Added an option to set the patchlist to localhost by default. This is useful to keep WoW from running the launcher and updating itself and it's also the default option for all newly added servers.
  • Many minor fixes. I got rid of some annoying error messages that kept appearing now and then.
You can also update your WoWRM installation via the application menu.

Added 17.09.2015 21:30:19

WoWRM development resumed

After being a couple of hours down, the webpages were moved to a new provider and with that, the application development comes slowly alive again. Currently, the progress isn't gonna be very fast as the application needs to be reworked, but you can already look forward to some new updates.

Also the forum, which I had to clean from tons of spam, was updated.

Added 03.02.2015 07:08:02

WoWRM development suspended

If you happen to be one of the WoWRM users, you've probably noticed there's been a while since the last application version came out. Unluckily, I'm still unsure when I get enough time to continue with the development as I find it necessary to almost completely rewrite the application to keep up with today's standards.

I however hope it's not the end yet as there's still plenty of you, users, who have stayed loyal to WoWRM and I suppose it to be the reason to continue.
I'd also like to reminder you, my trusty users, the application support still works and if there's a problem, please let me know.

Added 11.10.2013 11:47:07

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