mainwindow.png, 17 kB World of Warcraft Realmlist Modifier is program for the World of Wacraft game players, who play on more than just one server (free servers in most cases). If you're one of them, download this utility and you'll never have to overwrite the realmlist.wtf file when switching to another server. The program does it for you.

It has also many other useful functions:

  • Server status checking
    You'll always see, if you can connect the game server. If it's online, the program will also tell you the ping (v2.0).

  • Service folders one-click clearing
    Useful when they made some updates in the game server database and you need to clear the game cache. Or when you want to clear game and addon settings or just save some disk space by removing your game screenshots.

  • Multiple game versions and preloaders support
    Do you connect to each server with another game client version? No problem. You just have to have more versions of WoW installed and then tell the program, which one shell it use.

  • Server status change notification (comming with v2.0)
    Offline for any reason (maintenance etc.)? Minimize the program and it will automatically notify you at the moment the selected server changes its status.

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