WoWRM 2.07.6

  • Fixed wrong behavior occuring if the server name contained a hyphen.
  • Fixed automatic update checking.
  • Realm is now reset upon changing the realmlist.
  • If you place the wowrm.exe executable beside the wow.exe executable, the game path is preselected automatically.
Download here.

Added 27.03.2022 09:30:07

Older news

WoWRM definitely moving to

Starting 1st of February, the domain will no longer be available as the pages aren't hosted there anymore. Automatic updating of pre-2.07 versions of WoWRM will therefore stop working and their users will need to download the recent versions manually.

Added 24.01.2016 14:17:51

Manual updated

The manual page has been updated to reflect recent user interface changes.

Added 24.01.2016 11:46:23

WoWRM 2.07.4 released

  • Closing the Settings without saving the changes is working again.
  • Fixed bug causing filling in the current server name in the "Run another program together with WoW" field, which led to displaying the "A problem occured while executing the program" message each time user wanted to launch the game.
  • Fixed automatic server status and ping refreshing.
Download here.

Added 04.10.2015 11:23:27

WoWRM 2.07.3 available for download

What's new:
  • Automatic login name filling.
Download here.

Added 23.09.2015 19:37:17

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